ServicesProtection For Your Peace of Mind

Protection for your peace of mind

Who We Are

TBI Smart Home Solutions, Inc.

TBI Smart Home Solutions, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Toll Brothers, Inc.

For more than two decades we have been providing monitoring services EXCLUSIVELY to more than 40,000 Toll Brothers homeowners across the country. Our subscribers can expect excellent customer service and top-notch monitoring because we partner with only the best locally licensed integrators along with premier manufacturers to ensure we deliver luxury service.

Why Choose TBI Smart Home Solutions?

A Highly Personalized Level of Service

At TBI Smart Home Solutions, we pride ourselves on having a brand tailored exclusively to our Toll Brothers community. Our accounts are monitored on the same platform and by the same technologies as ADT®. The only difference is TBI Smart Home Solutions offers service exclusively to Toll Brothers homeowners. That means more of what you have come to expect from the Toll Brothers name: a highly personalized level of service. With us, you are not treated as one among millions; you are number one.

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Best in class monitoring networks

How Do We Do It?

TBI Smart Home Solutions has partnered with Critcom Monitoring Services (CMS) to provide central station monitoring services. CMS is the wholesale monitoring division of ADT and monitors accounts from three UL Listed, FM Approved monitoring centers, located strategically across the country in California, Florida, and New Jersey. With all three centers networked together for true national redundancy and best-in-class services we provide a ring of seamless protection that allows us to handle distress signals quickly, regardless of location, time, or situation. We guarantee your call is our priority because your luxury home deserves luxury service.


Life Safety

  • Burglary Monitoring
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Fire Monitoring
  • Emergency Response
Safety Equipment & Monitoring Tools

Monitoring and Control

For just a few dollars more each month, add smart and seamless control for your home using just ONE® app.

  • No Phone Line Needed (Basic Service)
  • Central Station Burg, Fire* and Ambulatory Response (Basic Service)
  • Remote Arming & Disarming (Interactive Service)
  • Instant Alerts & History (Interactive Service)
  • User Code Management (Interactive Service)
  • Enhance your security app with Advanced Interactive Services for home control
  • Remotely control your door lock
  • Remotely control your thermostat
  • Remotely control your garage doors
Remote Monitoring and Control

Video Monitoring

  • Video Doorbell Camera
  • Live Video
  • Smart Clip Capture
  • Continuous Recording
Security Software

Voice Control

Home control has never been so simple. Manage your home using just your voice through the personal assistant of your choice.

Remote Monitoring and Control
TBI Smart Home Solutions